Friday, August 15, 2008

So today is aug. 15, 16 years ago I gave birth to my oldest son how time flies! Happy birhday baylon!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

okay today was the second time this summer we have went to the Dr. for Brazyns nasty lookin nose will we went to his Dr. not the first dr. that just gave him meds... So anyways he look at his nose and said maybe we should go and have a ear nose and throat Dr. look at his nose he said it might all be just snot but maybe there is something in it so we drove over to the hospital and Dr. Baily look up his nose and he started to suck snot out and then he said I think they might be some furniture hardware in there Im like no way really he like ya so they suck and suck and then they numb his noise but him in the chair hold him down and suck some more u will never guess what the little shit had but up his nose a screw yep thats right a screw LOL! he was a very good little guy that did'nt cry anyway we drove back over to Dr. Fidones and showed him what Dr. Baily had found so there will be a screw in Brazyn's baby book LOL!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

smith family

smith family
Today has been crazy I have no idea really what I'm doing with this blog I wish had some help~
Brazyn had Theropy and Brisha has ball practice yesterday I met her new coach and he came up to me and said that he was talking to his son about Bri and said you gotta meet her she has a quick release. his son said will how is her form he said I have no Idea she so fast I cant see it LOL! well anyone that knows Brisha knows he already has her figured out she quick as lighting
Baylon And Brisnten have been playing Rock Band I cant belive they havent ask me to be the terrible singer in there band thats all they will let me do LOL! its really fun!!! okay know lets see if this will post!